Department of Economics

Welcome to the Department of Economics. It was founded in 1958. There are six faculty members at present in the Department. Both B.A. Pass and Honours Courses are offered under Manipur University. The papers taught are Economics Problems (1st Semester), Microeconomics -I (Second Semester),  Microeconomics –II (Third Semester), Macroeconomics (Fourth Semester) Fifth Semester (three papers)- Public Finance, Political Economy of Development and Quantitative Analysis and Sixth Semester (three papers)–Development Economics, Environmental Economics and International Economics.

Faculty Members:

Dr. Th. Premita Devi, Associate Professor and Head, Contact No. : 9862134590

Sl. No. Name and Designation Educational Qualification Specialization Teaching Experience Activities/


1 Dr. Th. Premita Devi,

Associate Professor  and Head

M. A., M.Phil and Ph.D. Agricultural Economics 27 years View Profile
2 N. Bimorani Devi

Associate Professor

M.A. and M.Phil Agricultural


22 years View Profile
3 Dr. A. Devidas Sharma

Associate Professor

B.A. (Hons.)


Ph. D

Public Finance  and Environmental


18 years View Profile
4 Dr. Kh. Ibemhal Devi

Assistant Professor

M.A. and Ph. D. Public Finance 20 years View Profile
5 L. Gojendro Singh

Assistant Professor

M.A. and  M . Phil Development Economics 20 years View Profile