Manipur College NCC


Most of our young school and college students join the NCC (National Cadet Corps) while pursuing their course of education at their respective institutions. Manipur College NCC has also been continuing since 1959. There are 80 seats available in Manipur College NCC for the session 2020-21 in which 52 for SD and 28 for SW. While joining the NCC the cadets dedicate an important part of their educational period for a greater cause. NCC activities are not just for fun and games, these are for the overall development of better people and better society. In other words, it is a service to the nation. The time devoted to NCC training is used in better way and more meaningful manner for the society and the country. The NCC training not only makes you more disciplined and responsible in life but it also helps you to develop students’ personality and character traits. Various social and science subjects are put to use in different aspects of life. It also involved physical, arms, field craft, self-defence and adventure training along with many more activities to make the cadets more confident and fully competent to tackle any eventuality and challenges in life with success. It is the dream of every NCC cadet to join the defence services.Some activities and events related with Manipur College NCC for the session 2020-21 are hereunder.